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Back in 2010, Joshua and his wife, Karea, launched what used to be called Prayer Requests on Facebook where many from around the world submitted their prayer requests and we responded to them with prayers. The page grew and so did the demand to keep up with it. After 2 years of this, it made sense for us to start a local church gathering where we could continue to do what we have been doing but more up-close and personal in our community. After meeting in libraries on Saturdays for about 6 months, we started hitting roadblocks when it come to reserving spaces and more. We then turned to renting out a hotel conference room to hold our church gatherings. 

Early on Sunday mornings, Karea would sing while Joshua would stand up before, often times small crowds, and passionately preach as their 2 small children would be in a deep sleep, nearby.

We also held giveaways where we donated our very own belongings and received generous donations from others in the community. It drew the attention of the local news media and soon Joshua was being interviewed for the giveaway. 

At the time, we really felt as if we were doing God's work and heading in the right direction but in the back of our minds something wasn't sitting right with us. One day with just and no one else in the room feeling very discouraged and wanting to give up, a man who was in search of the bathroom (lol, jk!) walked through the doors. With his wit and down-to-earthedness (totally not a word) we quickly grew a friendship.

Tim stayed when others left.

The adventure continued and things got to a point where we no longer could afford the hotel conference room but still wanted to keep doing Sunday service. A friend/business owner offered the use of their barbershop for gatherings, free of charge.  

We enjoyed not having to move around, save and connect with a few others but realized along the way that we had invested so much of ourselves, time and money into the idealism of Christianity that we didn't seem to fit well in. We craved authenticity and less of the superficial dogma that we grew up with and carried into our adult years.

After hearing the song, Losing My Religion, by Lauren Daigle the podcast with the same title was born. We eventually stopped gathering at the barbershop and used the podcast as a way to inspire and encourage others as we shared about our journey, life, love and more from 3 different perspectives and backgrounds.

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